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How to Get Tenants to Renew Leases

Are you spending too much time trying to find tenants for your Jacksonville, FL rental properties each year? This is what you'll be forced to do when most of your tenants only stay in your rentals for 12 months and then leave.

To avoid this, you should attempt to get your tenants to renew a lease each year. The more lease renewals you get from good tenants, the less time you'll have to spend looking for new ones.

So, how can you obtain more lease renewals? If you're one of the new landlords in the Jacksonville area, you might not have a clue. We've created a list of lease renewal tips that'll help you get started.

Use the tips below to create a winning lease renewal strategy.

Be a Great Landlord From the Start

If your tenants consider you to be a great landlord, they'll want to renew a lease with you. It's why you should make every effort to be the best landlord possible from the beginning.

How can you do this? Well, for starters, you can show your commitment to keeping your rental properties in excellent condition. You can also keep the lines of communication with your tenants open.

You might even want to bring a Jacksonville property management company on board to help with your rental properties. It'll suggest you really care about your rental properties and want to keep your tenants happy.

Take Feedback From Your Tenants

No matter how hard you might work to keep your Jacksonville rental properties in good shape, your tenants might have feedback for you. They might complain about, say, an issue with the plumbing system in one of your rentals or the condition of the roof in another one of your rentals.

You should strive to take feedback from your tenants and put it to good use. If you work to keep your tenants happy by doing this, they'll have no problem putting in lease renewals.

Ask for Lease Renewals on the Early Side

You should try not to wait until the last minute for lease renewals from your tenants. Instead, you should begin inquiring about them at least a few months in advance.

By doing this, you'll give yourself enough time to find new tenants if your current ones are planning to move out soon. You'll also subconsciously apply a little pressure on your tenants and show them that you can work to find other tenants if they aren't interested in sticking around. It might make them more likely to want to renew a lease with you.

Do Whatever It Takes to Get Lease Renewals

Do you feel like you could use a hand when it comes to getting your tenants to renew their leases? Northeast Florida Realty, Inc. will be able to help you with lease renewals.

We'll also be able to assist you with so many other aspects of managing your rental properties. We'll work to keep your tenants happier overall and increase the chances of them wanting to renew a lease with you.

Touch base with us today to take advantage of our property management services or browse through the rest of our blog to get more landlord tips.