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3 Things to Know About Tenant Screening Services in Jacksonville, FL

3 Things to Know About Tenant Screening Services in Jacksonville, FL

Did you know that, in Jacksonville, FL, renters pay a median monthly rent of $1,146? That's considerably lower than the state-wide median of $1,301! No wonder renters account for 43.4% of occupied housing units in the city.

However, just because Jacksonville attracts renters doesn't make finding them any easier. Finding good tenants who'll pay on time and be with you for years is incredibly challenging.

Fortunately, a tenant screening service in Jacksonville can make this task easier. We'll discuss what this service entails and how it can benefit you, so read on.

1. Robust Tenant Screening Procedures

A reliable tenant screening service doesn't only run credit checks on each applicant. It also employs other screening methods, including the following:

  • Verification of current employment
  • Employment history check
  • Criminal check
  • Confirming debt-to-income ratios
  • Corresponding with previous landlords
  • Eviction history checks

As you can see, proper tenant screening takes a lot of time and resources. So, if you do it yourself, it'll likely take much longer.

The more time you spend trying to find excellent tenants, the longer your property sits empty. This further affects your profits and bottom line. Avoid this by hiring a property management company specializing in tenant screening.

2. Reduce the Likelihood of Evictions

If you're not careful, you may find yourself with tenants likely to breach the lease agreement. This includes damaging (and not fixing) your property or failing to pay their rent on time.

Those issues may force you to evict them. Evictions are common in the U.S., with landlords filing 3.6 million cases yearly.

Tenant screening services help prevent such issues by gauging how responsible applicants are. They use the data gathered through the many checks they run to determine this.

An example of information screeners use is the previous landlords' experience. If all past landlords have nothing but complaints, they'll take that as a massive red flag. A reputable tenant screening service will only choose responsible tenants for your property.

3. Keep Your Property Safe

According to the latest FBI data, property crimes led to an estimated $15.8 billion in losses in 2019. Like owner-occupied homes, rental properties are also at risk of such unlawful acts.

Even worse, rental properties can become the site of criminal activities. If this happens to your Jacksonville property, you risk getting sued.

For example, the Jacksonville government can sue you for creating a public nuisance. Other individuals, especially those living near your property, may do the same.

That's all the more reason to invest in professional tenant screening services. With their criminal history checks, they can help you avoid making a dangerous choice.

Make Tenant Screening a Breeze

While a professional tenant screening service will cost you, it's a price worth paying for. It can help ensure you get the right tenants faster than if you screen them yourself.

And by finding you good renters, you can rest assured your property is in good hands.

If you're ready to invest in comprehensive tenant screening, Northeast Florida Realty, Inc. can help. Call us today to speak with one of our experienced property managers and find out how we can help!